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22 September 2006

News from the Net

Even the Linux Kernel Developers don't like the new GPL

Damn, yet another one of my publicly stated ideas implemented by someone else

AOL cancelled Wierd Al's newest videos' World Premiere

What's with HP? Did they join the mafia or fbi?

Hmmmm. M$ wants to compete with Google... umm, yeah right.. like I am going to hand over my data to the leader in spam

Looks like another source of identity theft could be the census bureau

An a sarcastic woot to the US House of Representatives which is trying very hard to terrorize the US public

Looks like YouTube is scavenging for the highest bidder

Well, if you trust the ESA, they have new pics of the face on mars

For those people who think their Mac can't be hacked.. You should make sure to get the latest patch

Want a new phone? Use a vending machine

Is this an Interol-equivalent of the Patent Office?

China wants to move its economy away from Manufacturing

Space Hotel under way

Remember "SpaceBalls"? Well, it is becoming an Animated Series

Ever wonder what the master password for your local ATM was? Well, apparently YouTube and Google can be used to find out

Maryland Democrats and Republicans reverse roles

Dell and Novell may soon be forced off the stock market

In order to prove that he did not "improperly wage a 'battle'", Dr. Yau is suing those who claim he did... Ummm... ironic eh?

Once more, astronomers say 'oops'

Did you know that ships can now sail directly to the North Pole?

Water: not tested on animals... well, unless you count bluegills

So you probably think I go overboard by claiming that some bad patents are getting through right? Well, so far 30232 software patents have been awarded this year...

Oooh. These AA batteries can plug directly into USB to recharge.. Then again, we could always replace them with gas-turbines on a chip.

California is suing automakers for global warming... Republicans really should decide if it exists or not - or decide if they are still listening to Big Tobacco... Or we could always block out the sun.

Ummm. WTF? Columbine RPG?

ATI takes on nVidia with Stream Computing

So when your kids wonder why they should take Advanced Placement classes and tests... point out they could graduate with a double-major in one year

Think you can design some clip-art? Then make some money

For only $1800, I'd send something into space.

Attorney General Gonzales once again proves he doesn't believe in the Constitution

Spaceballs a cartoon????? This will either totally rock or totally suck......

Posted by Sarah on Mon Sep 25 05:41:00 PDT 2006