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28 September 2006

News from the Net

Well, for thos City of Villains/Heros fans, you might like to see what the company is doing now

The PS3 tries to tempt me with the role of a Divine Crusader for the good Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion

Remember how you could copy/paste a Java program and convert it into a new C# program (due to M$ ripping off Sun)? Well, looks like M$ is doing it again, this time to Apple

Is FiOS for you? Or is it still a scandal?

And see, this is precisely why I would consider working for Google

China attacked US Satellites

Think your freedom of speech exists at an airport? Evidentally not - since one traveller got confronted with law enforcement (and told he had no right to free speech) for writing "Kip Hawley is an Idiot" on a bag... Don't know who Kip Hawley is, but I agree all of the sudden

It appears NASA can't get anything right

What's more interesting than that this failed to pass is that they were trying to sneak a ban on online gambling into a defense bill... OMG! Those Texas Hold'em players must be terrorist! Idiots.

Is your computer ugly? Can you design better? Then why don't you make some money on it

Is it M$ or the RIAA - can't tell looking at their tactics

California taxes Oil - I kinda doubt that will pass

Ok, this is a wierd concept

You know....I used to hate Californians....but now I'm thinking that they may be pretty smart....Look! You made me say it! I better go wash my mouth out with beer now!

Posted by Sarah on Thu Sep 28 06:20:00 PDT 2006