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18 September 2006

News from the Net

Google News removed Belgian Newspaper after being blackmailed by the Belgian Association of the Press

It appears that in addition to the phone records, HP also had detectives following and videotaping directors and journalists, planting surveillance software on reporter's computers, etc.

Warner Music gives their music videos to YouTube -- this is after Universal Music Group prepares to sue YouTube

Ex-MI6 officer publishes novel detailing his experiences

Google starts funding start-ups companies... WOOT!

Now this could keep my damn DVR from overheating

A group from Switzerland is crossing the Atlantic in a solar-powered boat

If you like Lisp, you might like to know that a new version of Scheme has been released

Big Brother will start berating people for "anti-social" behavior on the street.

A new Wiki-based Encyclopedia of Cryptography is out

You ever wonder what the most common myspace passwords are?

Cheating at roulette may be legal in the UK

If you are flying Virgin Atlantic, I hope you don't expect to take your Dell or Apple laptop

Are you prepared for International Talk Like a Pirate Day?

How about some freeform 3D sketching?

If you currently host your domain with GoDaddy, you may want to think twice about that decision

A demo of a plastic battery delivered more than 100x as much power as a standard alkaline battery

It appears that the Wii will be region-locked ensuring that you don't use a game from one country in another

Sam Houston State University drops Cisco VoIP in favor of Asterisk

Multiple PDF backdoors found

If Verizon really wanted to perfect it's IPTV service, it should drop the Microsoft backend

FCC orders proof of their mistakes to be destroyed


Microsoft is sued over XBox live violating patents

Looks like it is time to boycott the Zune

What do you get when you mix off the shelf parts, an IBM Thinkpad X31 and Linux? The answer: NASA's new exploration robots

OOoooh.. Can I have Ultra High Definition TV in my VR goggles?

Looks like we add one more country to the list of those we don't want to live in. This time, Australia

Spamhaus plans to ignore the $11.7M judgement against them

NICE! A security expert (one which many of us know) points out that politicians using fear tactics are promoting terrorist... IE: People like Bush are terrorists by their own statements

Toyota announced a robot leg that can jump like a humans'

It appears that Sony BMG had tried to keep this document secret...

Yahoo!Mail finally reopens the Outpost-based Ajax mail site

Ok, I just found the intro to this sounded kinda funny... astronomers have found a planet less dense than a wine cork and 38% larger than Jupiter