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08 September 2006

News from the Net

Facebook reacts to the recent public outcry

We all know that we can't rely on Microsoft to make reliable software... So what do you do when they design your kids high school?

A Virginia appeals court upheld a felony conviction for a spammer, and said that spam recipients might be able to sue the spammers for unwanted trespass on their servers

Has anyone ever wondered how all these small startups can get their spacecraft into space, but NASA never can?

Jigsaw is a site that allows people to sell other people's identity information... WTF?

Remember me mentioning how HP had spied on its boardroom members? Well, evidentally it didn't stop there. They also obtained journalists phone records

Remove a gene and prevent tumors. Does this remind anyone of the appendix?

Now this could be interesting for both office use and increasing ink sales... Xerox has made printer paper that erases itself after 16 hours so that it can be reused

Xanga is fined $1 million for allowing kids under 13 to sign up without parental consent.  See, I think this is stupid. I started programming in 1979 at the age of 7, and was very active on many BBS sites at that time. 27 years later, and we want kids to wait until they are 13 to start getting involved with technology? Stupid.

Another sports betting CEO was arrested. It appears the charges for both times is violating the 1961 Federal Wire Act, which they are interpreting as declaring all forms of online gamblng illegal in the US. First of all, I call BS on them saying that was the intention, since there was no online gambling when that law went into affect.  Secondly, fuck the US - they don't have the right to say what kind of businesses can be run in other countries (both of those CEO's were UK residents).  Third, like Prohibition, this act needs repealled.

P2P Tsunami Warning System by listening to vibrations on hard disks???? Now that is awesome

IBM is going to create the newest fastest supercomputer using PS3 chips