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11 September 2006

News from the Net

If any of you are considering moving to San Diego, here's the job for you

Dell is under investigation

It's the Eternal Bog of Stench! Well, not exactly, but...

It seems that the government has figured how the easiest way to help the RIAA. They say the words "child porn", and all of the sudden entire networks can be seized whether there is any evidence or not... Of course, if they use the word "terrorists", then they get to abuse your bank account.

A new camera technique could make better military target-detection or surveillance, or simply make better multi-angle porn

You know, if I had been one of the people to fall for this prank I would have at least sued his ass for fraud

An LA man gets sentenced to 7 years for software piracy

In light of employers checking job candidates credit reports, I looked mine over with curiosity... Does anyone else ever wonder how TransUnion and Expirian can show scores 200 points apart from each other while reporting exactly the same open accounts?

In an interesting move, an RIAA defendant filed for summary judgement and the RIAA admitted to not having enough evidence

Ok, this is kinda funny

Landfills begone!

Biomechanical switch out of spinach?

Judge rules that Target can be sued because their website is not very handicap accessible. Will this lead to 1994-ish web designs in order to avoid potential lawsuits?

If you weren't already planning on it, you need to boycott Amazon's downloadable movies. Why? Because besides not allowing you to burn the movie you pay for, in order to watch it you have to install malware that screws with your internet connection is back.

Got a logo on your device that you want to get rid of? Use sugar

HP's inquisition goes further by targetting the father of one of the reporters

Europe will soon have RoboCabs

Scientists now believe other solar systems (unlike ours) may be hospitable

SecondLife was hacked

Netflix sues Blockbuster for patent infringement... Speaking of Blockbuster -- they have a Rated R version of Pirates (available in XXX format from Castle) and yet they are not mentioned that it is an edited version. I think they should be required to notify people that it is edited -- so that they know it is not the original.

Blockbuster sucks!!!!

Posted by Sarah on Mon Sep 11 04:26:00 PDT 2006