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25 September 2006

News from the Net

Ever heard of George - the AI? I tried it on the Jabberwocky site, and couldn't get it to work - could just be from slashdotting.

Pirate radio takes on the FCC

DARPA works on regenerating limbs... thought we already mention that?

Froogle to go away in favor of Google Base

Students protest the anti-plagarism tool Turnitin because it infringes on their intellectual property rights by adding their essays to a database

In theory, you can temporarily (and legally) download Windows Vista -- though I couldn't get it to work

The RIAA wants to bust you for downloading songs THEY don't have the evidence for

There's a new robot. This robot rides mucus

Well, if the biggest reason we can't switch to hydrogen is because we can't find a refueling station, this might provide a solution to that...

A cPanel exploit was used to transmit an IE exploit

I am feeling more and more like the PS3 is a ripoff

Those of you who are pro- Jon Stewart for President will like this

In the GPL vs. DLink case, DLink lost

Hoax or not - lines get fuzzy

Clinton starts a $1 billion renewable energy fund

Blogs from Space

Make a working prototype of an electromagnetic drive that can make trains, plane, automobiles and spacecraft obsolete - and get told to drop it

Get in an accident and have no money - where do you turn? How about the Open Prosthetics Project?

Looks like Big Pharmacutical really wants me to take some meds... they are trying to make Internet Addiction Disorder a legitimate disease... Next we'll see them saying that something like School Attending Syndrome or maybe Obsessive Learning Disorder be listed....

Dude, I can't come to work today.  My IAD is flaring up.  Yeah, my meds ran out so I'll be stuck on my computer all day.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Mon Sep 25 02:32:00 PDT 2006
My doc said I have to level before I can leave the computer. Here's my doctor's note.

Posted by Malachi on Mon Sep 25 03:49:00 PDT 2006