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27 September 2006

News from the Net

The Optimus Mini gets bad reviews

Bats and Insects ride the Space Elevator

I wonder how long until this auto-disinfecting surface hits more of the workspace besides the mouse

I might consider the Sony Reader if it had caught up in tech enough to do color

Maybe I am a paranoid, but I kinda expect this to be secretly funded by Homeland Security

The NSA has finally responded after a 3-year old Freedom of Information Act request.

A 3D reference atlas of the genes in the mouse brain is complete

What happens when a company like Google sees their electric bill? They suggest design changes to the computer.

Ever wonder how dedicated Square Enix was to the PS3? Ah, read their quote - you'll love it

Anyone want to venture a guess what the evil dictator is actually doing with this?

The US Government lobbies the EU for Microsoft

If you are tempted to try the new social network Wallop, you may want to know that it is run by Microsoft

Yeah Sony! Listen to that! Square made you; it can break you!

Posted by Sarah on Thu Sep 28 06:17:00 PDT 2006