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06 September 2006

News from the Net

Ok, I hate Intel - but Core 2 Due, nVidia, 500 GB SATA drive, and 3GB memory with a 24" HD screen? Looks like the new iMac is trying to catch your attention

Wondering what happened when you were born? Well, soon, Google may sell that information to you.

Tired of the cost of college textbooks? How does free sound?

Some of you think I am overly sensitive to the asinine concept of Patents... well, Microsoft is trying to patent verb conjugation...

Ever wonder what the guy who designed the first mouse is doing now? Well, take a look

Facebook gets scorned for making stalking easier

If you are using a Intel-based MAC and want to run your Windows program, you might grab this while it is still avaialble

Austrian Police are stumped. What do you do when a kidnappers computer is a Commodore 64? heh

Microsoft's Genuine Advantage check may not help them anymore

Another 150k years of CO2 data has been analyzed

MAC Spoofing may soon be coming to an end

This one is for those few who keep complaining about me being into conspiracies... BlackBoxVoting got ahold of an actual Diebold machine and shows how they can hack it in under 4 minutes with no training or technical seals