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04 September 2006

News from the Net

SanDisk got their MP3s seized

Google releases HP Tesseract as Open Source.  They also release Image Labeler so you can help improve the quality of the tags associated with images.

For all those out there needing various DOS boot disks, FreeDOS 1.0 has been released

If you are asked to install the zCodec video codec, SAY NO since it is a Trojan

If you are a budding Ajax developer, COWS Ajax may interest you.

This article is talking about a new trend in Subliminal messages in animated GIFs.  However, since subliminal is below-perception, I don't think it qualifies.  You be the judge.

Is Apple doing a smear campaign?

And yet one more reason to boycott the unethical PayPal

Here's something to consider when the RIAA comes knocking at your door. Have a judge require a neutral party to do the examination.  Since my last job at Intel was Forensics, maybe I should offer my services?

Remember the concept of claiming your neighbor was a witch to get them burned? Well, Ohio evidentally liked that idea, because now their Sex Offender Registry will track the accused, not just the convicted

Well, I really hope this isn't accurate. I don't want Google to be disappointing me like that

We recently discussed the new "Browzar" web browser that was supposed to protect your privacy... It is now being called malware

Over 70? Well, then you are too old to sign contracts

I'm sure you have all been following the various NASA contests/prizes... Well, looks like the space elevator is back

You want a really quiet home theatre pc? Well, this one might be for you

You thought identity theft was bad here? In Canada, identity thieves are stealing and selling your homes

So, would you like to play Tic-Tac-Toe with a LEGO robot

RFID-enabled garbage cans?

So you want to know how secure your Wifi network is? Check this out.  Of course, now that Samsung has 1Gbps wireless, it seems a bit out-of-date.

A small Oregon company actually wins a patent claim against Apple

So you ever wonder what makes us different from a chimp? Evidentally, Humans have 212 copies of the DUF1220 Gene, whereas chimps only have 37 copies

Well, now we know where the US Department of Education is spending all their money... On data mining student financial aide records for the FBI

Interesting side note... It appears that PCs with ATI -or- nVidia are better quality that stand-alone DVD players

Blogger (Google's alternative to LiveJournal) is going Object-Oriented?

Scientists learn to reverse cancer

Looks like it is a good thing I turned down this last contract with Intel - since they are laying off 16k people