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13 September 2006

News from the Net

I-names is attempting to setup global ids a'la DNS... I have long considered OpenID, but what does it honestly get you that a Google account doesn't?

Class-Action lawsuit with Bill Gates on the witness list? Interesting.

Here's some interesting USB gadgets. Ok, I just looked at the slideshow and skipped the article. I have seen most of those before, but I bet Dino would like those gloves :)

blah blah blah unable to max out the CPUs... Wha?

Ok, someone being a racist doesn't surprise me. But CHP doing internet investigations - that is just wierd

Embroidered version of the RIAA?

What do you do if you get busted for contaminating other people's products? Ask to be allowed to

Bug introduces patch introduces bug introduces patch... it's the Microsoft way

eDonkey is dead and aparently working for the RIAA now.

Oh, what do you know. Voting machines in Maryland are once again leaving thousands of citizens unable to vote. Gee, I wonder why that could be.

PS3 joins XFire