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12 September 2006

Normal Day in a Perfect Life, Part 1

I have recommended this excersize (which I got out of the book called Wishcraft) to people many times.  This time, I will explain the process one step at a time, so you can't base current answers on the next step.

Do not write your answers in my blog. Write them on a piece of paper for yourself.  This is to help you, not expose you.

Step 1:  Imagine a perfect life.  Anything is possible.  If you want to fly, the law of gravity doesn't exist. This step is for pure perection - not realism.

Step 2: Write down (paper not on the blog) what a normal day in that life would be life.  Write down every little detail from how and when you wake up to when you go to bed. Every little miniscule detail of a normal day in that perfect life.  Do it on paper, not on the blog - no one will see how you answer or judge you.  Be as explicit and detailed as possible.

Step3+ will follow later.