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07 September 2006

News from the Net

Toronto gets city-wide wifi, free at first then $29[Canadian]/mo

Astronomers fight over dark matter -or- alternative gravity

Scientists accidentally disprove the BigBang

Who can pass up something described as Legos on crack?

If you are bored, maybe you should work for Stephen Hawking

Scientists discover that Egyptians, Greek and Romans were dying their hair with nanotech several thousands of years ago... While not little robots (that we know of) it does address the concern about safety of nanoparticles

You've heard about dedicated math chips, dedicated physics chips, etc.. How about dedicated AI chips?

You like HP? Check out their internal practices

Apple and Amazon team up to provide a movie download service.... as long as you only want to watch Disney movies

Scientists have identified the section of the brain that deals with concepts. I'm really curious how that portion on me would compare to the average peon

Some of you may have heard about the "Swedish Watergate"... Well, guess we now know why the password was so easy to steal... the password for the account "sigge" was "sigge". Um, DUH!

I can think of some fun uses for a wireless HDMI interface