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11 January 2006

Sick and Tired of the Crappy Software

Why is software so flaky, crappy, missing needed features, lacking quality, etc etc?  Why is it nothing works as advertised? Hardware too, but this rant is about the software...

I can't really go into ALL of the situations that have brought this to a head, but I will mention just a couple of the most recent ones....

Our server... We have not been able to get any software to install on the damn thing in 6 months. Tony and Bill have tried to help. Søren tried to help. Stefan tried to help. No good. Nothing installs. Nothing works.  They all die during install for one reason or another.

MySpace... WTF is up with us having to put our edits into the About Me box? That's friggin stupid.  Sure, we can easily edit the Blog look however we want, but oh no - don't let us easily control our own profile page, we might accidentally run a javascript command or something. Come on - at the very least make the Profile as easy to manually edit as the Blog.

Burning software... Ok, we buy a $2000 camcorder (not counting accessories) and it doesn't come with ANY software? Sony (which makes the camcorder) wants to sell the software from $130 to $175000? That's a pretty big friggin gap. Are we to assume that the $130 is as good of quality as the $175000 or that the $130 is a piece of crap?  So I go and download (over the last week) about 40 different programs and try making the DVDs from the camcorder. Why 40? Because every single program either produces really shitty results, reboots the computer, crashes, or simply does 1 tiny piece of the puzzle. Why can't I get one nice piece of software that will do end-to-end video editing and produce good results? I am not asking for Oscar/Emmy-producing results, just GOOD results. Stupid, very stupid.


So here's the deal.  If anyone knows how I can get enough funding (so I can focus on this instead of working for the Man) to run my own R&D team of about 5 people for 5 years without giving up control (and thus leading to more shitty software), tell me how -- and I will completely revolutionize everything.  Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that I can just snap my fingers and replace every piece of software -- but I have a plan (8 years in the making) for how to write one significant piece that will make everything else faster, more reliable, and overall -- BETTER. Let me know.