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05 January 2006

Blog Hell

So, about a day or two after I said I wasn't going to post any more blog entries here -- some script kiddie asshole on a Cable ISP in Poland hacked our server and deleted everything.  If they had wanted to USE the server, they would not have made it so blantantly obvious; so they must have done it just to be malicious.

When I say they deleted everything, I mean EVERYTHING. It *was* our backup because we had recently replaced hard drives (due to failure) in all the other machines.  They deleted 6 years of coding, web site redesign, a few years of blog entries, all my legal notes (which I had published so others could be wary of those companies -- notes included things like complaint numbers with the IFCCFBI) and... last but definitely not least... all of my pictures and comments about Jake and John.

They covered their tracks pretty well.  I was able to recover part of one log though, and got the first 3 octets of their IP address.  I reported them to the FBI, and gave them complete contact info for the idiots cable isp provider. Unfortunately, I think the FBI is not going to do shit about it since they never once even asked for my IP address.

As a vengeful scorpio, I really want to completely demolish their box, and that of everyone they know.  Unfortunately, I can't take it out on 253 random strangers on the hope of hitting the right box.

So now, once we manage to get the new server running (haven't been able to in 6 months cuz the hardware is too new for the OSs) we will have to start over. It really sucks. So much was irreplacable.  I am starting to realize how often I loose data that can not be replaced.  I am starting to wonder if I need to pay for offsite backup somewhere.  With my machines having 1TB hard drive storage each, that would not be an easy task.

So, it looks like I am back on MySpace for now.