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20 January 2006

Hardware issues

As some of you know, I have been having some hardware issues. The workstation keeps rebooting and the server won't install any OS.

One of the tests I ran on the server appear to indicate memory failures. I ran memtest86 and in fact it was showing memory errors. This is $800 of new memory (1/2 per machine) so very questionable.

I contacted Kingston. They said that there is two possible scenarios that they can think of (either of which they would RMA the memory):

1) one of the chips is bad

2) one of the chips refuses to clock back to DDR333

Evidentally, with my Asus board, they have found that having over 2GB of memory causes an overheat in the memory controller... not only could this be causing the errors I am seeing on the server; but possibly also the rebooting of the workstation.

Which means that sometime this weekend I have to open up the server, and test each memory chip by itself. That is going to be a little difficult and time consuming... but maybe we will finally get it working (after 6 months).


Thats it! Fuck Kingston memory! :-P

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Fri Jan 20 08:40:00 PST 2006
No, I am OK with Kingston. Got through to tech support quickly (and free); they were knowledgeable and are willing to replace the memory. I am pretty sure it has lifetime warranty against defects.

I'm just kinda stupid for trusting the bios and not testing it earlier.

Posted by Malachi on Fri Jan 20 08:43:00 PST 2006

Kingston, Lifetime Warranty.

Simpletech, Lifetime Warranty.

only memory I buy. only I prefer simple...

Posted by Silver on Fri Jan 20 09:21:00 PST 2006
Well, we bought the ONLY model that Asus supported having 4GB of. Any other brand and they only supported 3GB.

Posted by Malachi on Fri Jan 20 10:06:00 PST 2006