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20 January 2006

COPA Appeal?

Well, evidentally, the U.S. Seeks Filter Critics in COPA Appeal. In doing so, Google is refusing to cooperate and AOL, MSN and Yahoo already have.

The entire issue, evidentally, is that the DOJ wants to keep everyone from accessing porn, the supreme court says that it is too drastic, Google agrees with the supreme court, AOL/MSN/Yahoo agree with the DOJ.

One of these days I am hoping people learn the lesson that prohibition taught us -- outlawing something is the best way to ensure people do it. A higher percentage of the population drank during prohibition than during any other period in our history.  Anyone who thinks that making something illegal makes it go away is very very naiive.


Google is refusing to participate in a request by the DOJ for search records to help the goverment track the quantity of Porn related searching. This is supposed to be used to investigate child pornography and illegal sites, but Google feels it is an invasion of privacy. currently Google is the only search engine to refuse the request, and this is going to lead to a massive investigation into the legality of the request and the witholding.
Go Google!

Posted by Silver on Fri Jan 20 01:26:00 PST 2006

Are you listening Google? We know you are opening a site in The Dalles in 2 months. We can get you very many loyal employees....

Posted by Malachi on Fri Jan 20 01:46:00 PST 2006