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30 January 2006

More Net News

It looks like the Senate has finally started listening. We'll have to keep a close eye on this one.

I don't play World of Warcraft, but for those of you who do, this might be kewl, if a little slow.

Though few of you probably have Dutch passports, this is likely to give you an idea of what could go wrong with the biometric IDs in general, which as I understand it, the upcoming government-required RealID will be.

Some recent research on autism.

Another reason not to lie has been developed. Wonder if it will work on people who (for mental stability issues) actually believe what they are saying.

Ok, here's an interesting one. The courts have decided that burning pornographic content onto CD-R constitutes making pornography. While for some people (Jason?) this might mean you have to answer Yes instead of No on some questionaires, there might be more far reaching implications. They stated that because he burned it to CD-R, he actually made something that didn't previously exist.  Technically then, if I burn some random MP3s onto a CD, aren't I also creating something that never existed -- thus not breaking the law since I can't be breaking copyright laws if they are decided that it is my original art.  Let's take it another direction, does this mean that downloading/burning something like the Anarchist' Cookbook or the Communist Manifesto makes you an Anarchist or Communist?

And some US Politics reported by the BBC... I won't comment on them, just let you read and judge for yourself. I am tempted to get the document via FOIA myself though.

Some poll results regarding the wiretapping.