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28 January 2006

Piece of crap hardware

So recently, we spent a LOT of money building two almost identical machines.

One of them was to be the server. For 6 months now we have been trying to get the damn thing running -- only to find out that likely some of the new memory is defective.

And then tonight, all of a sudden, the workstation completely died. Won't even boot anymore.  The couple times it almost booted it locked up during BIOS (ie: before Windows) -- once even giving us a very nice impression that the BIOS is fried.   So, looks like machine two has either a defective motherboard or defective CPU. Great. Just friggin great.

I am so sick and tired of always debugging this crap. What ever happened to hardware being reliable?  Our old server's hard drive didn't give out until being used 24x7 for 12 years -- and now we can't even keep new hardware running for 6 months (assuming we get it running at all).

Maybe we need a law like Germany where these manufacturers would be required to buy this shit back if we aren't satisfied with it. Maybe then they would get their act together.

They don't have to take it back if you don't like it? That's retarded. Let's get it on the ballot.


Posted by WILL POWER! on Sun Jan 29 03:13:00 PST 2006
When I was working at Jefferson Public Radio, we were broadcasting NPR and I overheard the story of a new German law that went into effect at that time. Basically, consumers were allowed to decide that they no longer wanted the product (might have been only vehicles) up to 10 years after purchase and the manufacturer would be required to  buy it back. Because of that, car manufacturers in germany started making better products to ensure that the consumer wouldn't want to sell them back.

Posted by Malachi on Sun Jan 29 06:16:00 PST 2006
I got ahold of AMD tech support. They said that either the CPU or the Motherboard is fried.  Looks like I got to do some hardware troubleshooting to figure out what hardware to replace :(

Posted by Malachi on Mon Jan 30 07:24:00 PST 2006