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25 January 2006

News from the Net

First, some hypocrites... MPAA admits to unauthorized movie copying. Ok, so get this. This guy makes a movie that is about to show at the Sundance Film Festival called "This Film is Not Yet Rated" about how the MPAA is full of double standards. He sends a copy to the MPAA and specifically requests that they not make copies. They tell him how his films confidentiality is their biggest priority -- then procede to make copies for their employees!

Second, Diebold is in the news again. The state Division of Elections has refused to turn over its electronic voting files to the Democrats, arguing that the data format belongs to a private company and can't be made public. Let me just make it easier on them -- These require the GEMS software to decompress them from the Diebold "gbf" format. They can be examined and manipulated in Microsoft Access after they are decompressed.  More information can be found here.

This study did a study of the brain and found that both democrats and republicans were adept at ignoring the facts -- specifically, the reasoning centers of the brain were not activated when they were presented with evidence that contradicted their party views. Guess it is a good thing I belong to neither party :)

With my recent foray into looking for new employment, I found this article  about Google interesting :)

It appears that they have finally modelled HIV and possibly even found a way to prevent infection.

And this one is for Layne. It appears that IBM is working on a better speech engine that, among other things can translate live broadcasts real-time. They specifically mention subtitling Arabic broadcasts into English on-the-fly.