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13 January 2006

Funny as hell quote

'[P]ut down the controller and get a life. Video gaming is an escapist activity and you're being exploited by these companies. It's not healthy; I worry about someone who would play Grand Theft Auto for ten hours a day. It's a masturbatory activity, and it would be better if people put down the controller and went outside.'

-- Jack Thompson

Sorry, just thought that was funny as hell.


People obsessed with games over anything else in their life give Geeks like us a bad name. if it's important, there's a pause button.     

Posted by Silver on Fri Jan 13 02:39:00 PST 2006

Hmmm... MMORPGs are games and don't have pause buttons

and pause buttons sometimes make you loose in some games because it is hard to regain control after returning (and get back into the right mindset)

Oh, wait, I mean, I would NEVER play a game!

Posted by Malachi on Fri Jan 13 03:00:00 PST 2006

It is a bit more involved than that.  Your job requires a lot of physical excersize. However, physical excersize is usually a sign that I am NOT doing my job...

Also, for some of us (like me), bad diets and medical issues play a big part. For example, my medical problems require that I eat more sugars and less fibers -- while a diabetic is required to do just the opposite.

As a side note, according to the calorie calculators, I burn around 1500 calories sitting at my computer working. That isn't even accounting for those people who are doing the aggressive first-person-shooters, etc; as they would burn more.

I don't even consume that many calories in a day.  I usually try to eat one meal a day, but as many of our friends will tell you, I flake on even doing that.

According to friends of mine (from other countries where overweight is unheard of), the biggest difference in lifestyle is the amount of processed foods we eat. This isn't saying you need to be vegan. Most of them eat more meat than I do. And drink more alcohol.  But they are not absorbing all the chemicals we do at the fast food line, the snack machine, or even the grocery store.

As a side note, the last time I went to dinner with them, they roasted a pig on a barbeque spit. It was very odd.

Posted by Malachi on Fri Jan 13 06:52:00 PST 2006