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09 January 2006

Ha! I'm more pure than Brett!

After careful examination, analysis of weather condiditons, random guessing and a little calculation it has been determined that your percentage purity is 47.85, which earns you the rating "fucking perverted". We probably hang out at the same S&M clubs.

For those who can't do math, your percent impurity is, thus, 52.15.

I demand a recount! ;-)

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Mon Jan 09 07:49:00 PST 2006
you probably scored better on the bondage section than me. I also was amazed at the amount of places I haven't actually had sex, so now I'll probably just bring the list along wherever I go. ;)

Posted by Silver on Mon Jan 09 09:51:00 PST 2006
Well, you also recently gained a whole section of those points :)

Posted by Malachi on Mon Jan 09 11:53:00 PST 2006