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24 January 2006

Arrested for being at the park after hours?

I missed which Portland Parks they were talking about (and couldn't find the link on their site yet), but Good Day Oregon was talking about how the police are now arresting people who are at certain Portland parks after 9pm.

So they can arrest us even if we're not having sex in the park? :-(

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Tue Jan 24 01:05:00 PST 2006
Yep. Maybe they are trying to encourage that behavior, since people will get busted anyways ;)

Posted by Malachi on Tue Jan 24 01:15:00 PST 2006
It started in the Park Blocks because of all the kids that would hang out down there and sell drugs.  It doesn't mean you can't walk thru the park you just can't straggle around.  I do remember hearing it worked so well they were going to extend it other trouble spots, but I don't know where.

Posted by Layne on Tue Jan 24 05:53:00 PST 2006

Well, the comment on the news this morning was that they were "closing" the parks at 9pm and the police would start arresting anyone who was there.

They didn't mention walking through versus loitering... It is possible they only mean loitering... but since it was a change last night / today, it is also possible that they would consider it trespassing if they are "closed".

Posted by Malachi on Tue Jan 24 05:56:00 PST 2006
What a bunch of bullshit.  Sorry, you're under arrest for being in a public place after dark.  I pay taxes.  I own that park.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Tue Jan 24 07:09:00 PST 2006