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01 March 2007

News from the Net

Yet another battery recall

Microsoft being fined again

Dell caught censoring

Is this the beginning of a new Library of Alexandria?

Oooh.. Teraflop GPUs...

Wikipedia caught in more scandals.

Photoshop to become an online ad-sponsored program.

Hmmm... which to pay... $10 or $20000?

More recycling news.

DNA-based data storage.

This is interesting... imagine the amount of water in the Arctic Ocean... now imagine finding that water UNDER Asia.

Looks like random OSes can now run on the Xbox360.

Ooh nice. A transistor made of a single layer of carbon atoms.

Looks like the guy in charge of the Patent Office is spreading propaganda.. "every nation" - yeah right.

Wow. Canada has turned down renewal of their version of the Patriot Act.

CompUSA is closing over half of their stores.

How about a "steampunk" keyboard mod?

Space shuttle was damaged -- by hail.

Google ads declared to be free speech.

China remote controls some pigeons.

Matt Damon as Kirk? Good timing though, since we now have friggin tricorders!

Instead of being taught how to walk, these robots do it dynamically.

There seems to be trouble in the hive.

The European Commission is at odds with Germany over Net Neutrality.

Think you kids are online too much? Well, see what China does about it.

A hacker wins for a change.

Mock Theta Functions figured out.

T-Mobile should soon be loosing a large customer base, since they now ban use of 3rd party software.

A Federal Appeals Court has decided that I can't be held responsible for the comments you leave to this blog.

After California went to ban incandescent bulbs, GE comes forward to make incandescent bulbs on par with compact fluorescent. Kinda makes you think they could have done that earlier, huh?

Konami machines pulled after the news reported on the subliminal messages.

OOhhh. Clouds on Mars.