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26 March 2007

News from the Net

Your next human organ transplant may actually come from a sheep.

IBM debuts an optical transceiver chipset.

I don't usually like diamonds, but I could make an exception.

I've never heard the phrase 'blood is the same color as water' before... hmmm...

So when Bush's lackeys Diebold don't get someones business, what do they do? They sue for "Wrongful Purchase". How I wish we could easily boycott Diebold.

Pixy Stix power activate... my car that is...

Tolkien's son releases "The Children of Hurin"

It appears the police department now officially works for the Republican party.

Washington State has succumbed to the DHS propaganda. Of course, they also signed into the Internet Tax. So what do you think? Are they being bribed or blackmailed?

Dell refunds cost of Vista.

Time to go shopping :)

Google denies that they are doing a mobile phone

Ooooh... Time to paint your house :)

After the new Stargate movies are done filming (June-ish), they will start work on the new series, Stargate Universe.

The RIAA is now going after a 10-year old girl from Oregon. Of course, the RIAA won the Worst Company in America 2007, beating out Haliburton and Walmart as the most-hated company. In related news, the University of Nebraska attacks the RIAA.

Coldwell Banker starts selling property in SecondLife.

Looks like the government has quit pretending. After a vote, the county attorney had a 'gut feeling' that people misinterpreted it, so they overturned it.

Did you ever wonder how some dinosaurs managed to survive extinction? Well, scientist have found evidence that some of them burrowed to safety.

Oooh. A java-based x86 emulator!

Transgenic mice can now see in color.

Borders and Amazon break up.

France becomes the first country to open up its UFO files to the public.

Move over Robot Wars, its time now for what I have been waiting for... AI Wars.

Dr. Who is a go for another season.