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14 March 2007

News from the Net

My friggin browser crashed the first time I was getting ready to post this, so bear with me if I am not as creative in my comments as usual...

How about a LEGO Autopilot?

NASA takes another page from science fiction and proposes a new spacecraft.

The UK government UN-links obesity and exercise. Of course, other research says you gain more brain cells when exercising.

The US government plans on spending $990million to get people to switch to digital tv.

Dell has a survey up (until 3/23) to ask your opinion on their future with Linux.

NASA creates some new Mars videos.

Homeland Security starts a new US Computer Forensics Institute.

Non-ASCII URLs test worked.

Viacom sues Google for $1billion for copyright-infringment on YouTube. Come on Google - take them down!

Asus releases HDMI graphics cards.