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09 March 2007

News from the Net

There is some interesting news regarding LinuxBIOS.

The Total Information Awareness program appears to be rearing its ugly head again.

A new theory on the formation of the galaxies... I dunno, looking at the synopsis it looks like common sense.

I never thought I would say this, but scientists have found a new way to fight cancer -- by shooting it with antimatter.

Hmmm... robotic satellite repair in space... nice.

Vonage looses to Verizon.

Microsoft admits that ALL UPDATES relay information to them, whether using Windows Genuine Advantage or not. In fact, when you tell it not to install WGA (and not to send information to M$) the first thing it does is send the fact that you chose not to (and the registry information) to M$. Personally, I think that should be considered fraudulent.

Evidentally, IBM is opening a paranormal search engine... however, I couldn't get it to open... and not sure I would trust them not to censor.

After (Speaker of the House) Pelosi was found to be violating C-SPANs copyright, they miraculously decided anyone can copy the content now (for non-commercial use).

Oooh... 3D search engine :)

Man, Samsung should give me a few hundred of their hydrid drives. I could find a good use for them.

The Canadian version of the IRS takes a blow.

What do you get when you cross lice and gorillas?

So remember how the DHS said we all have to switch to the RFID Passport / National ID? Well, it is a good thing that they are soooooo secure.

What's smaller than a laptop and bigger than a blackberry? Paul Allen's new device.

Google is mailing hard drives around.

Turkey bans YouTube.

Brett will like this... Water-cooled RAM.

Palm and Handspring and now Numenta.

France has made it illegal for anyone OTHER THAN JOURNALIST to film violence.

Scientists now thing that HUNAB KU (er, I mean, Sagitarius A*) is the source of gamma radiation in the galaxy.

The FCC busts the RIAA?