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28 March 2007

News from the Net

Now that's geeky artwork.

Looks like Nuclear power is going the way of oil.

Airplane almost gets knocked out of the sky by flaming space debris.

John McCain gets screwed by the CEO of Newsvine.

Oooh! My new toy!!! I wanna!!! Evolving Hardware!!!

The RIAA voluntarily backs down after receiving a stern letter.

Semi-Identical twins discovered.

A Hexagon on Saturn that is bigger than Jupiter's Red Spot and has been seen there for over 20 years? Ok, now I am intrigued.

Samsung makes some advances in solid-state storage.

What you need to know before you visit the UK.

I was looking at how you can now get fined $10million and 10-30 years in prison for so much as selling a sandwich to someone with a name similar to one on this list of NATIONALS provided by the Treasury Department... Since our own representative's last name is on the list, I decided to let him know.

Canada tries to follow in the steps of the US.

The Supreme Court looks at making a MINIMUM retail price on products.