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19 March 2007

News from the Net

Magnetic coil capture and natural heat pumps on the Moon

More advances on the Grand Unified Theory

Linked Lists, officially developed by the RAND Corporation in 1950s, has been patented by the LSI Logic Group in 2006. It seems the idiots at Cochran Freund & Young LLP get to join the Patent Office in our mutual disgust.

The beginnings of a united space federation?

Dogs have been trained to sniff out CDs.

Looks like is actually a drawback to writing software and donating it to charity.

OOoh. Brain/Computer-Interface!!! I wanna I wanna!

"Baby mummy had European mom[my]"

Ooh Single photon server. I almost said 'photo' instead of 'photon'. That sure would have changed the importance of the link.

Some more advances in car networking.

CPR rescue breaths seem more likely to cause brain damage.

Students vs. Hackers competition. [Friend of the Blog :) ] is being sued because some woman in Colorado decided to run a website without using the standard robots.txt.

Nanotech fingerprinting.

More news on Mars. This time caves.

NASA plans to deflect asteroids.

Hokuriku Electric Power admits to Nuclear coverup.

This is an awesome view of why I like telecommuting :)

Were you wondering what the new Commodores would look like?

High school student awarded $100000 for building a $500 spectrograph.