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31 March 2007

News from the Net

This is not the kind of news I want to be hearing about the future site of man-made black holes.

Come on Google - why are you blindingly enforcing illegal DMCA requests?

Is Newton to be disproved again?

Fish and Wildlife corruption? That is odd.

For those of you that hate M$ Office, it might be time to update your OpenOffice.

Interesting approach... Turn in your guns and get free computers. Of course, the Mexican schools also seem to be more high-tech than most schools in the USA.

The EU makes some interesting changes... File sharing is now a felony -- IF there is monetary profit. Private uses are now exempt... In similar news, the Russian school teacher who won the case regarding his use of Microsoft products in school is now being retried.

China's fastest growing currency is virtual.

An astronaut is going to run the Boston Marathon on a treadmill in space.

Rumor is that Dyson is looking to compete with Roomba.

Wonder where the scams, spam and phishing is coming from? Aparently, Oracle, Best Buy, et al.

Terahertz for wireless communication? What about the poor ghosts? :)

Governments are against using corn for biofuel. Including our own.

Ooh... A judge ruled AGAINST the DVD-CCA saying that the CSS was not part of the license agreement.

The USPS is releasing a set of Star Wars stamps.

So here's the lesson... When the RIAA sues you and then drops the case, you still pursue a counterclaim. Run them out of business.

Circuit City fired 3400 of their highest paid sales staff to replace them with cheaper labor. Lesson here, if you work for Circuit City, don't get promoted or you risk loosing your job. Personally, that only discourages good customer service, and I for one am very tempted to boycott them.

Wow. Someone listened. California is going to pursue Open Source voting systems.

Cisco develops mobile (read: robotic) wireless net.

MIT manages to reversibly shut down the brain using yellow light. Whether talking about possible medical breakthroughs due to this, or police riot gear... Intriguing nonetheless.

Oooh, now that is some custom sunglasses.

Boeing is working on a fuel cell aircraft.

Eeks - no more boosting my immune system please.

More evolution theories abound.

Spaceport America is underway.

Plastic is on the rise to replace Silicon.

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