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21 March 2007

News from the Net

Hail Eris!

NASA confirms a 2012 solar storm.

SpaceX launch failed.

Haha! The NFL is busted for abusing the DMCA.

You ever wonder what happens to people who piss off the hacker community? Well, look what happened to Apple.

OOh a chart showing the relationship between scientific paradigms.

Require DRM subscription and you may loose your readership. Or triple your customer support calls.

Apparently the FBI thinks that the Patriot Act is too restrictive to apply to them.

I wonder if I am on their list.

Viacom found to be hypocrites.

The Alaska Department of Revenue lost $38 billion worth of data.

Want some genetically-modified mosquitoes?

What do hippies and livestock owners have in common?

The University of Wisconsin-Madison basically tells the RIAA to f-off.

Looks like Mozilla is finally looking at what we suggested years ago.

Internet2 and LambdaRail look to merge.

Want a car that runs on compressed air?

Adobe releases Apollo. Looks to be their planned Flash replacement.

More gamma-ray news.