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16 March 2007

News from the Net

Google exec confirms the Google phone.

All you electrical fans will love this... Apply an electric current to a diode and it will propel itself through water :)

NASA discovers large amounts of ice on Mars.

Thomson SA is working to make sure that the government can track who makes a copy of a video... unfortunately, that would also mean allowing the government to track dissenters and activists.

NPR fights the raise in Internet Royalties.

Hehehe. The RIAA is being forced to disclose their attorney fees. If I understand correctly, they are going to have to pay that much for the oppositions attorneys, instead of what the other attorney actually cost.

Pluto-sized collisions in the Kuiper Belt.

There appears to be significant activity at Yellowstone?

Standard is trying to redesign the Internet from scratch...

131 projects are now waiting for you at the Google Summer of Code (now open).

Great... Corn that is toxic to the liver and kidneys...

SCO and Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. of Utah are trying to prevent porn from being on port 80. Isn't there something that can be said about the fact that porn was there first (well, at least before most websites they ever visit).

Hmmm... Social networking journalism...

2007 Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge

Eeeww... Slimy dresses from beer and wine.

Hehe.. The EFF completely pwn'd a DMCA abuser...

Oooh. Advances on Optical Computers...

The idiots at the Patent Office are now calling P2P filesharing a threat to children and national security. Here's an idea... Since they are so worried about information getting leaked, why don't we stop patenting things altogether so that they don't have to keep all those nasty public records?

Remember printing biological tissue? And of course how OLEDs are made with inkjet technology... How about Semiconductor 2.0 -- organic semiconductors printed using inkjet technology?

802.11n finally approved

Although its now clear that Hydrogen is not as desirable as Electric for vehicles, storing hydrogen as a solid is still cool.