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12 March 2007

News from the Net

Underwater GPS coming soon.

You game avatar may soon look like you.

You can now get ASI laptops with Seagate's full disk encryption.

This mashup mixes Census data with Google Maps.

You've all heard about Google's cafeteria... What about their shuttle system?

Haha! I am starting to like New Mexico more and more... Shortly after they unanimously decided to impeach Bush and Chaney; they are now planning on giving Pluto back it's Planet-status.

Now this sounds like a fun job :)

Looks like Cobra commander was right after all.

British citizens who refuse a variety of 1984-tactics will be refused passports. Let me guess, before reading the link, you assume that it is just the normal provide the social security number, or whatever? Here's a nice little example: "the records of their car movements for the last year"... Of course, that is after they try to make their own NURV/SkyNet.

More scientific breakthroughs expected to be complete in 2012.

Now this is unexpected. Evidentially nerves transmit via sound not electricity.

Connecticut is trying to charge social networking sites $5000/day if they don't verify the identity and age of the users... Since you can't always trust a state issued ID card in person (or the upcoming National ID card that can be hacked by simply being in the same area), how are they expecting you to know how old the person typing is? Oh no, someone went to get a coke and someone else sat down. Your website better detect that!

Oooh Sea-creature Electronics.

The Justice Department audited the FBI and found them guilty of illegally abusing the Patriot Act. Sweden is no better.