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06 March 2007

News from the Net

Intel evidentally destroyed information for an anti-trust case.

Never thought I would see this... A new Commodore...

Hehe... LEGO MMO :)

Researchers at the NEC Research Institute have broken the speed of sound light. Finally. I am sick and tired thinking the speed of light is anything more significant than the speed of sound was to people of the middle ages.

Looks like our local Century16 may soon have digitally-transfered films.

Ooh... Gothic solar cells? Does this remind anyone else of Mission Earth? Of course, this material could be considered the exact opposite...

Hmmm... What is the valid usages beyond Minority Report for this technology?

It appears that Diebold finally realizes that we hate them.

New species of dinosaur identified.

How about a DIY Laptop.

Intel and AMD go back to having extra sockets on the board.

Does anyone else think the new pictures of Saturn look kinda fake? Why is that? Bad cameras?

Here, I'll give you a teaser: where earth's mantle lays exposed without any crust covering it

The FDA and AMA disagree about what to give the cattle.

Man, why couldn't they have banned homework when **I** was in school?

The RIAA may have found a way to shut down all but the pirate internet radio stations.

Some scientists think the Sun is causing global warming.

Well, Mayan prophecy, Armageddon, or just Bush's National ID? If you don't read ANYTHING else, read this one.

Have you ever saw something on, decided to buy it, went down to the store, told them that the internet price was lower than the price at the store, had them show you online that it wasn't? Well, if so, now you know why.

Scotland makes some advances in wave power.

More fun with lasers.