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22 March 2007

News from the Net

Politics on YouTube.

ISPs don't want you to know if you are worthy of their services.

The 1998 p0rn law, "Child Online Protection Act" has been struck down by a federal judge saying that it would be better for parents to deal with their own kids rather than infringe on 1st Amendment rights.

RIAA seems to be loosing supporters.

Scientists now think reproduction is not a necessary step in evolution.

The EU considers becoming a less desirable place to work.

Oooh. A polymorphic computer.

Forget doing your homework at night -- your internet access will get cut off to keep your from looking at p0rn.

You know, a year ago I told Ryzom that was where the lag was coming from. No one believed me. It appears that (and others) has been screwing up peoples traffic on purpose for over a year.

You thought NASA was falling behind the times? What do you think will happen now that they are shutting down their think tank?