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26 February 2007

News from the Net

It appears that the various political campaign websites are full of vulnerabilities...

If you live on a sandy beach, you might very well be living on a rock beach next time there is an earthquake.

This is great. Sun has released a plugin for Microsoft Word to allow it to export/import OpenOffice ODF files. Of course, I don't have Word installed, but still...

How about a simple way to spoof Vistas' User Access Control?

Dell to distribute pre-installed Linux.

How about a Tor attack that the government might be using to track you now?

So there are some numbers showing at least one reason people pirate things (in this case TV shows)... unacceptable delays.

Iran is launching payloads into space now.

If any of you are running Google Desktop, you might want to read about the most recent exploit.

They got XP running on an 8MHz with 20MB of ram.

Texas is mandating that schoolgirls get vaccinated for cervical cancer...

If you are selling on eBay, expect soon to have your information given to the IRS.

How about a solid-state 67kW laser?

More on the state of the art in 3d printing.

So is something like this more likely to stop piracy or stop use of that developer's program?

A 5-gear rocket engine has been developed.

Can I have one of these Voltron SuperBots?

Sony has just announced that the new revision of the PS3 will be less backwards compatible with PS2 games.

Canada is now turning away Americans for things such as shoplifting or minor possession from, say, 30 years ago.

Mosque Math

The leader of the DoD (warez not govt dept -- oh wait) is facing 10 years imprisonment and $500,000 fine for conspiracy to commit copyright infringement (and 1 count of infringement).

There are more details about Xerox's new inkless printer.

Haha! This is great... So if you believe that what sets you apart from those things called 'animals' is our ability to create and use tools... read this.

Step aside SONAR, it's time for us to imitate fish.

Looks like the Mars Rover was updated to use D* pathfinding.

Ooh! Google is planning to create a permanent internet connection to Mars in the next two years!

An anonymous hacker got an ex-judge sentenced to 27 months in jail.

I can see it now... Quantum computers break the RSA factoring challenge, and so the new challenge is breaking this new quantum encryption technique.

What's better - that SETI@Home found something, or the wife's comments?

It looks like Estonia has surpassed the United States in election technology.

Astronomy sets a new record.

What do you get when our constant use of fossil fuels is not only melting the polar ice caps but is becoming close to running out? The Federal Energy Department melting more ice for fuel.

James Gosling appointed to the Order of Canada.

Hmmm. Natural Gas storage using corn.

Microsoft admits to serving malware from their servers.

Great. Just what we needed. Crappy VB code on Unix.

If you are using Snort, you might want to patch the security vulnerability.

Ever wonder what the truth is about drive numbers? Well, take a look.

Fraudulent charges on your credit card? You think the credit card company is the one that eats those charges? Nope - it's not them.