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02 February 2007

Stint Removal and Kidney Stone Analysis

Well, I went and got the stint removed today. Hurt like freakin hell. I had no idea that both ends were curled!!! Dino took a pic of the removed stint so hopefully we can get a pic up (don't worry doesn't look gross or anything - just painful).

On a similar note, we got the analysis of the stone back. Calcium and potassium. Some of you surely remember that from when I went to the hospital in 2004... I had taken too many Tums and the Calcium-Carbonate had bound to my potassium and thus my body had no actual potassium stores...

Well, although dehydration and anemia probably didn't help, it appears that this was the cause of my kidney stone. You heard me right. The cause of my kidney stone appears to have been caused by me taking too many Tums THREE years ago.

If **ANY** of you are regularly taking Tums for heartburn, please talk to your doctor about switching to Prilosec. It is OTC, so you don't need a prescription -- and instead of covering heartburn, it prevents it. I am SOOOO glad that I quit taking them when I did, because the Urologist said that it means I am not likely to get another stone. If I was still taking them, I probably would.

Note: I did take them for longer than recommended -- but... the hospital has told me to never take them again.