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09 February 2007

News from the Net

EMI is considering selling their entire music collection online as DRM-free MP3.

XBox360 will be getting 1080p titles.

For those of you have been around online for awhile, you know that the p0rn industry usually decides who wins format wars. I have been assuming that HD-DVD would win because p0rn was using it and not Blu-Ray. It appears that the reason they were not releasing on Blu-Ray was because Sony refused to license it -- Vivid has figured out how to replicate the format, and is going to release Debbie Does Dallas in both formats. Is this going to go like Beta/VHS where Beta just quits being used -- or more like CD-R and CD+R where they are both available for the same drives today?

A new brain scanner can read your intentions.

If you have been thinking about buying Perplex City, you may want to avoid buying the cards already in the stores -- since the game has been completed.

The worlds' first millimeter size turbine engine should be ready this year.

If scientists go around curing the autistic, is it going to also cure savants of their genius?

Cisco has released the source code to their Network Admission Control.

ComputerWorld's Windows Expert, after reviewing Vista, has switched to Mac.

University Professor asked to stop using and teaching about annonymizing networks like Tor.

The FAA looks to override copyright law.

Yahoo! releases a feed aggregator called Pipes.

India has apparently copyrighted Avian Flu samples, and not sharing.

It appears that the RIAA/MPAA assume that existence of P2P software = Guilt of Theft.

Teleportation of light is a reality?

Apparently, until now, GMail was invitation only... I didn't realize they were still doing that - but they aren't now -- it is open to everyone.

OMG OMG OMG!!! 16-qubit quantum computer available commercially this week!!!

The US Senate looks at protecting your privacy. What a twist ;)

DNA information from the Human Genome Project is being visualized as a rainbow.

Ability to criticize your doctors' handiwork upheld.