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17 February 2007

News from the Net

There has been a possible breakthrough in curing HIV.

Well, you thought it was ridiculous that they were censoring violent video games, right? Well, expect CSI, Bones, Smallville, Doctor Who, and even the History channel to be censored next.

An article shows the obvious benefit of grid computing.

This bionic eye has already been tested on 6 patients.

Congress is looking into patent reform.

I would start expecting Google ads in your next MMO.

Kansas changes their science standards to quit questioning evolution.

Oooh. Earth's constant hum has been explained.

It's time again -- Google Summer of Code 2007!

Not really a new concept, but I always find water computers kewl.

Ooh! A Judge (Russia) drops a piracy case for a principal that stole Windows... why? Because the damages were too insignificant to M$

A Texas Judge has determined that it is not MySpaces' responsibility to correctly identify the age of the user.

Hitachi's new RFID chips are smaller than a human hair. That should make VeriChip happy, since they have already implanted RFID chips in 222 people.

Amazon illegally makes charges to peoples credit cards. I'm sorry, but if you show me a total and I give you the credit card number, you better not use my number a week later on a different amount or you can expect to get sued for fraud.

John Edwards is the first presidential candidate to setup their HQ in SecondLife.

I personally really like the fingerprint reader on the laptop... now Toshiba adds it to phones.

A P2P Virtual Currency Exchange has opened.

Great, just what we need. Give Bush a reason to invade Canada. Just great.

Particle accelerators get a jump.

Google disappoints me and I am glad that I refused to sign up with YouTube... Since they will report you to the Republican News Organization, er I mean, Fox.

Microsoft settled the Comes vs. Microsoft antitrust case.