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14 February 2007

News from the Net

Google was found guilty for aggregating news and caching sites -- er, copyright violations. And then to top it off, they are accused of benefiting from piracy because of Adsense running on download sites.

Trying to follow up on Chicagos' recent "15-minutes of fame", Illinois is trying to pass the Social Networking Web site Prohibition Act. Just in time for the sites to provide APIs.

Forget to get that Valentine's gift? Maybe put their picture on the side of a space craft?

Come on, even the name sounds cool... Black Saturn.

Just days before I build my new Solaris server, Sun offers an optimized AMP stack.

RIAA blames ISPs for misidentification. At the same time, a study shows that p2p has almost no effect on CD purchases.

HD-DVD and Blu-Ray protections fully broken.

FBI Audit rules that they suck :)

Michael Crichton shows how patents kill people.

Lord of the Rings Online NDA lifted.

Sign Language via cell phones.

MIT plans to make a silicon brain.

Here's an interview the Josh Wolf, a video blogger who was jailed for 170 days for refusing to turn over a video of a demonstration in San Francisco. What? They wanted it so they could arrest everyone they saw the faces of?

More info on Reaming the People

A drug company is actually releasing their information for free online.

Looks like IBM is offering something I talked about years ago.

Intel makes a 1.8TFlops processor running at 62 watts.

EU bans sock-puppet blogs.

The DoD says it will cyberattack or actually bomb any location that cyberattacks the U.S. Guess we better hope no one thinks of something so simple as routing through somewhere else, eh?

A new shunt may cut down on the number of amputations.