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07 February 2007

News from the Net

Great news everyone. Get sued by the assholes at the RIAA and you too could win attorney fees.

As some of you know, EOTI is currently being hosted by Google. If they start charging for the service, I'd be tempted to start running it on my server again.

New York has finally went over the deep end. I don't know how the hell they expect the public to accept not being able to use cell phones, mp3/ipod (or hell, even a gps/pda map thingee) while crossing the street... Well, if you do, expect a $100 fine. Maybe they don't realize that A LOT of people cross the street there ALL THE TIME. Can we bust the police who are ticketing you while they are calling into dispatch on their radios?

The U.S. House of Representatives has figured out how to increase your monthly bills while taking away your freedom. They are going to make it mandatory for ISPs to keep track of what you are doing. Guess it is time to design a new type of annonymizer.

Blockbuster and Netflix may soon have a new competitor... Your local library. Oh, and Amazon/TiVo.

Looks like UK Citizens will have something going for them soon... Sell their email address to a spammer and go to jail.

Google Docs may soon support PowerPoint.

iPhotoMEASURE looks very interesting...

Well, you all are aware that video games like DDR, Police 911 and some Wii titles can give you a workout. How about improving your vision?

Well, we may finally have a solution to trash.... Convert it to electricity.

DNS Root Servers were attacked.

Viacom uses the DMCA to take down videos they don't own.

Do you wonder what bank this Canadian company will sell pictures of YOUR house to?