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06 February 2007

News from the Net

I agree with the poster of this article - it is odd when a magazine can get people into space, but NASA can't. It's like German tv shows being able to find people better than our own government.

Rollable phones are finally a reality. It sucks that it takes tech so long to catch up with techies.

China gets their first robotic parking garage

Be careful that you don't let the stupid freak out about what you do... Turner Broadcasting has to pay $2million because of the Aqua Teen stunt... Only half to pay for the response... Half of it for response training and public outreach.

I'll use their wording here... Cheap, Safe, Patentless Cancer drug discovered

Well, in light of some of Germany's mistakes recently, it is good to see that their Supreme Court has made it illegal for police to hack your computer

Apple and Beatles settle

Haha.. MPAA facts disproved in Canada

Scientology critic arrested after 6 years for interfering with a religion.

I know that most of my accounts have started doing this... too bad it doesn't work.

Why everyone is dropping SymbianOS

More open source phones on the way

Did you ever hear about a Roman village in China? Well, DNA should clarify that soon enough.

The creator of the 'electric slide' dance move is filing DMCA-based takedown notices for videos of people doing this move.

TiVo sells customer information