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19 February 2007

Food Recalls

I don't know about you, but I am personally getting sick and tired of food recalls. These companies need to be held responsible in such a way that they quit poisoning the population.

It was bad enough that chicken, peanut butter, and pasta (what, you didn't know about that one?) were recalled in less than 1 week -- or the 31 recalls on food last year (just talking about USDA recalls, the FDA lists more)...

But what set me off was that this morning they mentioned on the news that they were now recalling baby food. And to top it off, while writing this, they announced a barbeque sauce recall... Did I mention that both of these were also the same week as the chicken, peanut butter and pasta?

If you want to peruse, here is the USDA list and FDA list...

What will it take to get these companies to be more responsible BEFORE shipping products?