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16 February 2007

ConAgra Recall

I assume everyone has already heard about this, but just in case...

If you have any jars of Peter Pan or Great Value peanut butter with the product code (starting with?) "2111" on the lid, get rid of it. There has been a salmonella outbreak linked to them, even locally.

With things like this, and their 19 million pounds of beef recalled in 2002 (bacterial contamination), it makes me a little concerned about their other products... Act II and JiffyPop and Orville Redenbacher popcorn, Armour and Banquet meat, Blue Bonnet, Chef Boyardee, Dennison's Chili (my favorite), Healthy Choice, Hunts' (ketchup etc), Knott's Berry Farm, MaMa's Rosa, Marie Callenders, PAM spray and Wesson cooking oil, Reddi-Whip (who can do without this?), Swiss Miss, etc etc.... If we don't trust where their meat or peanuts come from, where do we draw the line?