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04 February 2007

News from the Net

Google caught with some bad political decisions.

WOOT! Jack Thompson faces disciplinary action up to and including disbarment. I so hope he gets disbarred.

I don't have a Wii yet, but if you do, you could control a sword-wielding robot

Explanation of how they made a material stronger than diamond

Prostate cancer gets treated with a decoy molecule

NASA plans to start building their permanent moon base in 2010... Hmm.. wonder how likely they will have it functional within the first 2 years...

Looks like Daily Show clips will be getting pulled from YouTube again. Idiots.

nVidia faces a class action lawsuit for false advertising because they did not provide stable drivers for Vista

Scientists think they will soon discover Ocean Planets

Dell faces a class action lawsuit for taking bribes from Intel

ExxonMobil tries to bribe scientists to dispute global warming. This is around the same time that federal scientists are being censored.

Want some bottled sea-smelling perfume?

Florida spends $30million to replace the touchscreen voting machines with optical scanners. My concern, locally ours are made by Diebold... The same ones who admitted that they were going to throw the election to Bush.

Planning on buying a family license for Vista? Well, hold off since they don't work. Of course, if it had worked, then you could have been hacked by any webpage that had sound on it... Maybe like those annoying faces in the ads at the top of MySpace. And then, when your games don't work, see if any of these links might help

The Romanian President told the international press how important pirated copies of Windows were for the country.

Nanomolecular engines get a boost

OOohh! Essay contest winner to go into space... it could be you! Of course, doubt many of you could afford the taxes.

Another alternative might be to turn sugar into diesel

Results of Britains new e-Petition

A 16-year old teen countersues the RIAA for violating antitrust laws, conspiring to defraud the courts and making extortionate threats.

I am sure you have all heard already about how Boston are a bunch of dumb-asses.

A benefit to optics and photography, they now have an oragami lens

We reported long ago about how Google was trying to get the GMail name in Germany, even though someone else was already using it... Well, Google lost.

California is trying to ban incandescent light bulbs. Personally I think that sucks, since the Compact Flourescent ones always died within a few weeks in this house. If that bill passed here, I would probably have to completely rewire my house.

This has some interesting stuff in the synopsis...

Apple forced to pay fines to bloggers

We have some advances in animated fluids...

Here is some info on the origins of the Global Online Freedom Act of 2007

Consumers want to file a class action lawsuit against Microsoft and others (like eMachines) for requiring a new license if you repair your machine.

Get your two cents in on the Sony Rootkit issue before March 1st

Ok, lawyers can have a sense of humor

Net Neutrality is back again this time called the Internet Freedom Preservation Act

An ancient village was discovered two miles from Stonehenge

Wow... Now this is awesome... Bose-Einstein condensate-based transistors allowing atomic scaled circuits

I wonder if filling tornado alley with these water from wind windmills would have any effect on the weather patterns

This technique by the FBI is like saying, "Well, our culprit lives in Oregon somewhere, so wiretap all of Oregon until we find him"

Another reason that ICANN should butt out. Whatever happened to alternate-root DNS?

Cingular, Priceline and Travelocity were fined for using adware

Remember M$ patenting software they stole? Well, they have retracted their patent. Score 1 for the good guys.

I thought I had already mentioned this, but Adobe is making the PDF spec public.

Do you think Hillary Clinton's stand on privacy is enough to make your forget about her other crap?

Google caves to political commentaries and blurs/censors their maps.

TomToms were shipped with onboard trojans.

So the ACLU won the case against the warrantless wiretapping and the feds dropped it