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24 October 2006

News from the Net

After reading about Google's new Custom Search Engines, I thought I'd give it a shot... Still more customizations available, but... interesting...

Scientists now think that our Sun wasn't an only child

Ever wonder how much money game voice actors make?

Fedora Core 6 released.  Firefox 2.0 officially released.

Sony puts game importers out of business

Yay! All Apple fans can explode with enthusiasm now that they can have our problems

Wow, the USA is soooo free - we are now ranked 53rd for Freedom of the Press. Take that all you freedom-hating countries... Wait? 53rd? Then who the hell did we beat?

Open Source Co-Ops?

This out to be interesting... How often have you went to register what you were sure would be a unique user name and it was already taken? Good thing it didn't require real names, eh John Smith? Well, if you lived in China, you'd have to use your real name when blogging... Guess first come or don't serve.

Parkinson's cure causes brain tumors

Child Online Protection Act found unconstitutional

53?  Better than I thought....

Posted by WILL POWER! on Tue Oct 24 03:25:00 PDT 2006
Okay, so I get it now! Lets say that torturing suspected terrorists is a good thing, but lets not protect the kids.....I think that I'm starting to get my priorities straight!

Posted by Sarah on Tue Oct 24 05:24:00 PDT 2006
So to be a voice actor in a video game you end up loosing money???

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Tue Oct 24 09:47:00 PDT 2006