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06 October 2006

News from the Net

So you're a big company and think outsourcing is a good idea? Hope you are prepared for the call center to sell all that private data your customers are providing

Hmmm. Let me just quote: targeted cyber attacks ...against US goverment systems...have been enormously successful

Scientists try to justify the methane on Mars

Want to know how to get a raise? Go to the Pub

Ok, even reading the synopsis gave me shivers

Dude! Sweet! Legos+Lasers

Akira Haraguchi recites Pi to 100,000 digits

Britts don't know geekspeek

Star Trek XI

Myspace sale to News Corp was a criminal act?

I just really love the title of this one


Posted by Sarah on Sun Oct 08 09:48:00 PDT 2006