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09 October 2006

News from the Net

Spamhaus ignores court order to not block a specific spammer

Microsoft Visa - new OS or firewireless driver-hell?

You'll probably be running IE7 in the next couple days

If any of you know someone running XP Home, show them this

Progress is being made on the Netflix Prize

Hmm. how long until Bush attacks the Moon or China or North Korea?

Want a wierd way to enter passwords?

JetPack competition?

Now that everyone hates SCO, it is interesting to see that Microsoft funded it

Heh. Screw the story, the picture is funny enough to blog it

100 years till extinction huh?

New study says 64% of gamers are women

Black Hole census

mapping bots

A Britt gets 3 years in prison for comments he posted on a website

Giant fish-like reptile fossil found

Firefox2 RC2 and Vista RC2 are available

Microsoft proves that they support Adware

I have an idea.. for the next hydrogen hybrid, how about we get the water from the air?

The EFF sues the Department of Defense

A small object hit the Space Shuttle Atlantis last month

Google looks at buying YouTube. In unrelated news, they also supoena M$ and Y!