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05 October 2006

News from the Net

More anti-phishing techniques available

More and more planets found in the Milky Way

George Lucas quits movie business

Skype to compete with YouTube?

For those people who still think you can't hack those voting machines - want to see one hacked to play chess?

HP indicted for felony counts of wire fraud and conspiracy

WOOT! Google releases source code searching

Say goodbye to status quo politics... Google plans on predicting the accuracy of political statements

What's faster than flash memory? virus memory

Robotic sensors can sense shape and texture

A study finds that The Daily Show has as much substance, with less hype than mainstream news

New forensics system solving cold cases

Teleportation makes progress with teleporting an object (containing billions of atoms) half a meter... Oooh. I can soooo taste it... when do I get to try it?

Hitachi makes wafer-thin storage

Yahoo releases Google Gadgets?

What's the next rage? Gene decoding your CEO

As an oddity, Asus makes a dual-screen laptop - one on the outside, one on the inside


I always knew there was something wrong with HP when I was working for and now I think I know....they must be a secret government agency!!!!

Posted by Sarah on Thu Oct 05 06:20:00 PDT 2006