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17 October 2006

News from the Net

Buying an iPod or a virus?

Since when is intelligence linked to attractiveness?

Lasers and ultrasound can be used to detect skin cancer, even if there are only ten melanoma cells in the blood sample

A new DNA-powered Computer unbeatable at Tic-Tac-Toe

SecondLife seems to be getting more business

Great, just what we needed... international a*holes

Cloned beef and milk not required to be labelled?

EA shoots themselves in the foot

Data Centers in a Box

Blu-Ray discs too small for games

US Population officially hit 300 million this morning

New version of Firefox, Koffice and EasyBCD released

Well, according to Cornell, all kids of the 80s should have autism by now

This is just.... odd

McDonalds distributes MP3 players with Trojans

This will most likely affect us all within the next 5-10 years

I knew there was something wrong with me after I watched all that TV! I'll never trust Bert and Ernie again!

Posted by Sarah on Wed Oct 18 07:35:00 PDT 2006

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