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10 October 2006

News from the Net

Well, as suggested in yesterday's blog. Google went ahead and bought YouTube

The Father of Netware dead at 82

Windows XP SP1 no longer supported

You know what is more interesting that MySpace organizing fundraisers? That part of it includes Ziggy Marley playing in Medford, Oregon.

Swiss use spyware to eavesdrop on VoIP

Nintendo Amusement Park???

Eeeewww... Let me just say, if sewer gas can preserve me for McCoy to fix me, let me die

Uru Live (Myst MMO) resurrected

HP makes memory chip with 1000x more storage than RFID and 100-1000x the data transfer rate... also, can only be read from 1 meter or less... I dunno. I would think 3feet is still enough to hack it

Games take an interesting turn... like The Quest for Bush, which is a Counter-Strike mod that I assume is not sexually related